Leadership Beyond Western Models


Leadership Beyond Western Models can be delivered as a keynote, developed into a tailored masterclass or an interactive ’desert island disc type’ event. The new thinking focuses on exploring leadership beyond the narrow lens of western models. It exposes the myth of knowledge neutrality by demonstrating the racial character of knowledge systems, including leadership models.

By exposing the roots of systems the limitations of Western models alone to address current global challenges, from global warming to food poverty and everything else in between are laid bare. The potential for blending indigenous global south paradigms with the best of western systems thinking are endless, but it requires cultural humility. Creating alternative models of leadership that situate the majority at the core of the problem-solving process, not only changes who is sitting at the table, but what is done there, and how.

Rosemary’s approach is to challenge the notion that non-western systems have little or no role to play in the modernity and globalisation of our technological world. Far from it, she advocates that the answers that we are so desperately seeking to today’s problems sit within a wide-lens, deep memory, global majority mindset, capable of drawing that which it needs from the ever-present geological layers of time.

Target Audience
Current and aspiring senior leaders in the public, private or third sector.

Rosemary’s presentation, story-telling style is uniquely creative and intellectual without being stuffy. Whether in a theatre, boardroom, lecture hall, the ‘C’ Suite or while spinning discs as a DJ on a beach, she engages with her audience, whom she always approaches as knowledgeable, having multiple intelligences and deep reserves of hope.

Topics covered include, but are not restricted to:

  • Global Majority Mindset
  • Roots of systems (and other entanglements)
  • Cultural Competence
  • Leadership as Service
  • Indigenous global leadership models and their application in today’s technological world
  • Ubuntu and Seva-centric: African and Asian ways of adding value.


  • Inspire more people from Global majority backgrounds to consider leadership
  • Increase the confidence of Global Majority colleagues
  • Improve cultural competence at an individual and organisational level
  • Extend the leadership repertoire of experienced leaders from whatever background
  • Unleash the added value of a diverse workforce

“It was fantastic to have such a passionate and powerful speaker like Rosemary in the room. She was able to highlight not just how far HSBC have come but how far we still have to go with Inclusion. Her engaging talk triggered a wave of emotion in the room which was a testament to both how much we care about this topic at HSBC but also, the effect Rosemary had on us that day. 

She brought philosophies of other cultures and perspectives on diversity into the room, enabling us to broaden our consciousness – I especially enjoyed discussing Ubuntu and Seva with a reflection on organisational culture and construct. A highlight for 2022 – we are still discussing and using the materials to educate more broadly. Rosemary is a fountain of knowledge, incredible experience superpower and an approach that includes everyone in the room.”
Jackie Uhi
Managing Director, UK Distribution Wealth and Personal Banking

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