As an educator and speaker on leadership, I understand the importance of human value and the power of sharing narratives in which we see ourselves reflected.
Never from a deficit position, I draw on my experience, training, and research through a long and successful career.
I aim to add value by providing an alternative lens through which to cause radical systemic change in relation to social justice to happen now.


Technology, systems and models are only as ethical as those who created them. The roots of these systems require understanding and analysis. Special attention must be paid to reconnecting that which has been the disconnected.
Human-beings, our relationships with each other, our communities and our custodianship should be priorities. A reset is required, centering humanity at the heart of our systems as we revaluate what it is to lead ethically in these times.


As a former Headteacher, consultant, advisor, OFSTED Inspector, disruptive practice, not out dated eugenicist theory, drove my focus on ethical and radical leadership for several decades. I acknowledge the limitations of my excellent MBA in International Educational leadership from the Institute of Education, University College London yoked as it was to models of ‘traditional’, patriarchal, and western orthodoxies.
The Investing in Diversity leadership programme as part of the government’s London Challenge Initiative was focussed on bringing a liberatory, unapologetically Black leadership framework, changing the heart as well as the face of leadership in London schools.


Testimonial 7

It is such a pleasure to work with Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, we are enthralled with her professionalism, energy, commitment, and enthusiasm for what we are doing in Hackney around the anti-racist agenda, and our commitment to eradicating systemic racism, and, making anti-racism a foundation of our practice. As a council, we have adopted the global majority narrative and Rosemary has helped to bring this to life with her experience, depth of knowledge, and with key pieces of delivery over the year; such as the Hackney anti-racist praxis conference, Global Majority Master-Class and the stories untold, desert island disc evening. At all of these events, Rosemary’s delivery has been phenomenal.  Her candid style, humor, and connection with the audience were remarkable and uplifting.

Deborah Barnett

Anti-Racist Strategic Lead Children's & Education Directorate | Hackney Council

Testimonial 7

When Rosemary speaks, the world grows silent. Her insight on liberation is unmatched as we all sit at the edge of our seats listening to her personal and professional anecdotes highlighting transformational leadership. Her stories inspire and provide a blueprint for change. Learning with and from her is an absolute joy and delight. 

Dr April Grise

University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Testimonial 6

Narratives matter. Language matters, Representation matters. Facts matter. Once I had the pleasure of sharing intellect and community with Rosemary, my mind was opened up to more truths. Understanding that I am part of the Global Majority and that I am not a minority but I am part of 85% of the world population. This truth changed my mindset, had me view things in a more expansive manner to impact who I am, and how I lead on this lifelong equity journey. Rosemary’s work allowed me to see and feel that I belong in a world that is me.



Future Cain

Founder and CEO of Future of SEL (USA)

Testimonial 5

Coventry City Council is on a journey to become a truly diverse and anti-racist organisation – and Rosemary has helped that work.
Her development session on ‘From Ethnic Minority to Global Majority’ was fantastic and was really popular with people across the workforce. Her passion and enthusiasm inspired many, with colleagues’ feedback including:
As a white person who aims to be an ally and who is learning always about her own racism/white frailty, I learned so much.”

I would highly recommend Rosemary and her work and I hope to welcome her back to Coventry one day to help further support us on our journey.

Grace Haynes

Head of People & Culture | Coventry City Council

Testimonial 4

The Global Majority Leadership programme provides a supportive, intersectional, and welcoming space to learn and grow as a leader supporting anti-racist practice. The emphasis on authentic leadership and compassion equips participants with tools to create inclusive and supportive work environments. This is achieved by using reflection, open communication, and collaboration across different service areas and teams. By focusing on the experiences and perspectives of people from Global Majority backgrounds, the program works to centre the voices and needs of underrepresented groups. Overall, the program is a valuable resource for embedding an equitable and diverse culture within our organisation and empowering our staff to make a real difference in the lives of our children, young people, and families.

Marike Maguire

Practice & Learning Manager | Children’s Workforce Development Team

Testimonial 3

Rosemary Campbell-Stephens has been an outstanding ally to the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London) during a period of profound institutional change. Not only is Rosemary an inspirational speaker on diverse issues associated with decoloniality, race and equity in education, but her empathetic approach and deep experience that underpin her Global Majority agenda have been instrumental in supporting cultural change at the Bartlett. Her presentation at an EDI workshop for all staff and students was the most moving and important event I have ever attended at our School.

Edward Dennison

Professor, Architecture and Global Modernities The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL

Testimonial 2

Racial literacy is, of course, a huge part of this work and ensuring that Early Years Educators have the correct language that can define a part of the identities of these children that my work is primarily concerned with empowering is essential. The teachings of Rosemary Campbell-Stephens and more specifically her coining of the term ‘Global Majority’ has ensured that the way in which I speak about those children as a powerful and self-determining group means that the long established and misguided language put upon us by governmental bodies which has historically seen us categorised as ‘ethnic minorities’ is a myth that is now instantly dispelled.

Liz Pemberton

Director | The Black Nursery Manager Training & Consultancy

Testimonial 1

It was fantastic to have such a passionate and powerful speaker like Rosemary in the room. She was able to highlight not just how far HSBC have come but how far we still have to go with Inclusion. Her engaging talk triggered a wave of emotion in the room which was a testament to both how much we care about this topic at HSBC but also, the effect Rosemary had on us that day. She brought philosophies of other cultures and perspectives on diversity into the room, enabling us to broaden our consciousness – I especially enjoyed discussing Ubuntu and Seva with a reflection on organisational culture and construct. A highlight for 2022 – we are still discussing and using the materials to educate more broadly. Rosemary is a fountain of knowledge, incredible experience superpower and an approach that includes everyone in the room.

Jackie Uhi

Manging Director, UK Distribution Wealth and Personal Banking | HSBC UK Bank plc