Global Majority Leadership Framework

Global Majority Leadership Framework is applicable across all sectors

This is an exciting opportunity to engage in something new, a paradigm shift that centres the people of the global majority through leadership development.

A leadership programme from a Global Majority perspective, that has inspiring, empowering, new content using different and creative approaches to engaging participants throughout.

We move away from superficial tired and redundant discourses about representation, that changes who is sitting at the table, but not what is done there. There is a focus on legitimising the diversity that people bring to their professional identity and how those identities humanise their role as leader.

The Global Majority Leadership Framework is open to everyone, but particularly those from marginalised groups. It provides fresh inspiration for leaders from diverse backgrounds to bring and use their difference to make a positive difference to public leadership. The framework creates a better more inclusive and equitable space while giving a whole new meaning to public value and working from a ‘we’ orientation.

The content and methodology embraces intersectionality while foregrounding indigenous, global south knowledge, philosophies, practices and lenses; blended only where culturally appropriate, relevant and enhancing with western training to create new meaning.  The process begs questions of the received orthodoxy of knowledge being neutral, while at the same time creating a hierarchy with western models at the top. 

First, through a focus on amplifying the collective diverse knowledge, wisdom and perspective of the indigenous people’s of global south and their diasporas; that which was ‘othered’ as not existing, having no worth, being second rate, or simply less than, is amplified. 

Secondly, the Global Majority framework decentres parasitic socially and politically constructed systems that, minoritise, negatively racialise, and routinely exclude people of the global majority through ‘normalised’ systems and processes.

In this time of global reset using the Global Majority framework, participants are invited to take their seats at the table to engage in a unique personal/professional process, not irrespective of who they are, but with due regard to precisely who they are. 

At the core of the Global Majority Leadership Framework are seven concepts threaded through each module

  • Return to find that which was lost
  • Reckon with racism
  • Remember who you were 
  • Reimagine who you can be  
  • Reset mindset
  • Reverse practice
  • Re-centre Humanity

Programme modules

Leading from a Global Majority Mindset

  • Reimagining System Leadership and Public Value
  • Global Leadership Paradigms: Indigenising Modernity
  • Seven Women: Seven Steps: Collective Leadership and Responsibility
  • Culturally Competent Leadership
  • Leadership in the Key of Blue: Standing (even dancing) in the gap

Programme objectives:
The programme is for leaders who are actively seeking different ways of approaching today’s leadership challenges. By centering the needs of the majority as opposed to the greed of the minority, it challenges an inclusion narrative that refuses to see race and provides a new performance indicator, applicable to any context. It explores how tapping into the 85% global majority mindset can significantly increase the battery life and indeed relevance and efficacy, of any organisation, from its current 15% operational default setting.

Participants will:

  • Engage in an intellectually and spiritually inspiring development programme
  • Have an opportunity to reaffirm and share their knowledge
  • Learn that who they are is a legitimate part of their professional identity
  • Gain confidence in their potential to add value
  • Understand how the roots of systems work
  • Increase their cultural competency and that of their organisations

The programme is for:

  • Any leader who wants to refresh, energise and extend their leadership thinking and practice to be inclusive, equitable and empowering
  • Leaders who are seeking more synergy between their values and what they do
  • Aspiring or current senior leaders in any sector who want to lead more culturally competent and humane organisations
  • Leaders who are serious about inclusion and equity
  • System leaders seeking fellow travellers

Programme structure and content

Module One: Leading from a Global Majority Mindset

  • Moving from ‘ethnic minority’ to global majority
  • Centering majority needs over minority greed
  • Wide lens focus for local/global issues

Module Two: Reimagining System Leadership and Public Value

  • Understanding the roots of systems
  • Creating public value
  • Leading through influence with authority

Module Three: Global Leadership Paradigms: Indigenising Modernity

  • Ubuntu and Seva Centric approaches to today’s challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Leadership practices worth sharing (and copying)

Module Four: Seven Women: Seven Steps: Collective Leadership and Responsibility

  • Developing Black conscious narratives into our intellectual property
  • Responsibility, authenticity and accountability
  • Swimming upstream, when you have to

Module Five: Culturally Competent Leadership

  • What is cultural competency?
  • Moving personally and professionally from cultural destructiveness to cultural proficiency
  • Culturally competent organisations raising the bar

Module Six: Leadership in the Key of Blue: Standing (even occasionally dancing) in the gap

  • What is leadership in the key of blue?
  • Inspirational we/us leadership that resonates with the soul
  • Leadership that lifts us all, up

The Global Majority leadership Framework can currently be accessed in two ways; as an individual or as an organisation. 

As an individual: The GMLF consists of six taught modules. It runs on-line over 6-months. Enrolment begins in October.

As an organisation: The Global Majority Leadership Framework modules or masterclasses are tailored for your organisation. Cohort sizes are between 12-22 people per cohort. Six innovative masterclasses that run over 6 months on-line share new thinking on leadership to inspire current and emerging leaders to be innovative.