Masterclass: Moving from ethnic minority to Global Majority

This masterclass is a game-changer. 

In these masterclasses I share my reflections on how we move out of the Black paradox that we can find ourselves trapped in while living under the white-gaze. Constantly reacting to the ambivalent labels of ‘ethnic minority’ with all of its minoritising and limiting connotations, is a kind of normalised insanity that we cannot pass on to our children and grandchildren. I show in clear and precise steps how we can chose to be self-determining, autonomous, people of the Global Majority, conscious of our generational wealth and unparalleled additionality wherever we are on planet earth.

I brought the term ‘Global Majority’ to prominence through my work on diversifying leadership through the London Challenge Initiative in order to improve London Schools between 2003-2011. I am proud of that work and the incredible team of professionals who it was my honour to work alongside in order to cause the leadership programme Investing in Diversity to happen.

This up-lifting two-hour masterclass on the liberatory agency that accompanies operating with a Global Majority mindset takes us back in order to be fully present and reach the future. A journey where we remember, reconnect with what it is to be the first people (we/us), as well as understand probably for the first time, how and why we became minoritised and racialised as minorities and how never to return to the confines of that limiting space. 

Critiquing as I go, not least us, I frame my unapologetically Black narratives and the Global Majority framework as stages of consciousness. Importantly, you leave with clear strategies for disrupting any deficit narratives still running however quietly as a backing track in your own mind. 

Time for that situation to be permanently placed on mute.

The Global Majority: Definition

Global Majority is a collective term. It refers to people who identify as Black, African, Asian, Brown, Arab, mixed-heritage, are indigenous to the global south, and or, have been routinely racialised as ‘ethnic-minorities’. Globally, these groups currently represent approximately eighty-five per cent (85%) of the world’s population making them the global majority now, and with current growth rates, notwithstanding Covid-19 and its emerging variants, the global majority is set to remain so for the foreseeable future. 

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