Coaching or Consultations

Consultation and coaching conversations with leaders support the keynote, master classes and leadership programmes by focusing specifically on what leaders then have to strategically do, in order to cause change to happen operationally in their organisations and culturally over time.

A wide range of experts can be brought into the conversations to support systemic change, depending on the specific identified need.

The consultations and or group coaching is offered to leaders at executive, senior, middle or aspiring to leadership levels.

Retreats for blue-note thinking can also be organised. Intrigued by blue-note thinking? Call me to discuss a bespoke retreat for your team or the possibility of joining one of my two- annual retreats.

“As a specialist Early Years anti-racist Trainer and Consultant, the work that I do means that I am engaging with and influencing a range of organisations that are responsible for providing care for children aged between 0 to 5 years old. As well as this, I am working directly with educational institutions who are responsible for training those adults who will go on to educate and care for children within the early years sector. 

Racial literacy is, of course, a huge part of this work and ensuring that Early Years Educators have the correct language that can define a part of the identities of these children that my work is primarily concerned with empowering is essential. The teachings of Rosemary Campbell-Stephens and more specifically her coining of the term ‘Global Majority’ has ensured that the way in which I speak about those children as a powerful and self-determining group means that the long established and misguided language put upon us by governmental bodies which has historically seen us categorised as ‘ethnic minorities’ is a myth that is now instantly dispelled.

Liz Pemberton
The Black Nursery Manager Training & Consultancy

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